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Published on September 22, 2012 By Mumblefratz In Republican

The Republican Party

A party whose only path to victory is by getting a large percentage of the white vote, 61% currently and rising each year, a party that appeals to a narrower and narrower distribution of people, a party whose victory depends upon restricting the right to vote and demonstrably hackable electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail, a party that believes that half of the country pays no net income taxes because they're lazy and stupid instead of because 100's of millions of middle class jobs have been outsourced, a party whose members are in fact are the ones *responsible* for the outsourcing of those 100's of millions middle class jobs, a party of splinter groups and nut cases whose entire platform is based upon a return for the few to the America they once ruled with arrogance where minorities were kept in their place and whose supply side, trickle down, voodoo economic policies are in fact responsible for the decline, a party of treasonous traitors who would rather damage the full faith and credit of the country they profess to love rather than allow the black man they hate, who happens to be the sitting President of these United States, what they perceive to be the most insignificant of victories, a party that has done more damage to this country than Al-Qaeda, cannot stand and cannot be allowed to stand.

Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and even Ronald Reagan whose presidency started 30 years and counting of war on the middle class must be rolling in their graves.

I have no interest in anything you flat earthers have to say.

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