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First off I want to state that this is in no way a political post, it's strictly personal.

Secondly I'm not accepting comments because this is a statement, not a discussion.

The lie to which I'm referring was most recently repeated by Anthony R in Reply #33 of the since locked How do you feel the middle class is viewed? thread. This same lie has also been repeated by Dr Guy some time ago but I don't happen to have a link to the specific thread, however he does in fact make reference to the same lie in his reply #15 of this same thread where he speaks of my "bigotry".

In any case let me quote Anthony R's lie as it's the one that prompted this article.

I might be mistaken, but in an article some time ago I think the Lutheran claimed that he and his family fled Michigan because of their racism as they gleefully participated in "white flight."
The success of a good lie lies in it's simplicity, in it's deniability and if it also happens to contain even the slightest germ of truth, no matter how much that truth is twisted to create the lie, then the better the lie.

On that basis this one's a doosey. Firstly it's nice and short. It only takes a few choice words to denigrate someone however it takes quite a few paragraphs for that someone to defend themselves and in the meantime the liar is free to repeat and expand upon their lie as well as ignore or even lie about the defenders response.

Also even in such a short lie consisting of just a single sentence there are three disclaimers that the liar can use if and when they get called on their lie. The first disclaimer is "I might be mistaken", the second disclaimer is "I think" and the third disclaimer is "the Lutheran". When confronted the liar can simply say "Oh gee, I'm sorry. That wasn't what you said? Oh well I did say that I might be mistaken and that I only *thought* that's what you said." However the point is that regardless of any qualifiers used the lie they are spreading is that I am not only a racist but a "self admitted" racist at that. No amount of disclaimers can deny that is what is being promulgated.

The thing about "the Lutheran" is even weaker than "I think". For some reason these people seem to think that if you don't call someone by name then everything you say about them is OK. However since my avatar is that of Martin Luther, is there really any doubt who is being denigrated? Absolutely not.

So I've demonstrated the simplicity of the lie and this entire post demonstrates the complexity of fighting such a lie. I've also demonstrated the intentional deniability incorporated into the lie and the meaninglessness of such deniability. Now for the real meat of the lie.

First the "germ of truth". I did in fact grow up in Detroit. When I was 14 my family did in fact move to Southfield which was right across the street from Detroit (the street being 8 Mile road for those that saw the movie).

Note how the lie is phrased "he and his family". What does this imply to you? To me it implies that I was the head of household that decided to move myself and my family out of Detroit to the suburbs as an act of "white flight" in a desperate attempt to get away from black people. However the point is it was actually "my family and me" that left and given that I was a 14 year old minor I had absolutely no input into the decision nor any choice whatsoever in the matter. This was my parents decision not mine, if I wanted a roof over my head my only choice was to accompany them wherever they moved.

Now for a second germ of truth. My parents were indeed racists and made no apologies whatsoever about being so. In those days in fact the predominate bulk of white adults that I knew were also unapologetic racists. However that in no way constitutes an admission on my part that I am now or in fact ever was a racist myself.

My parents were many things that I am not.

My parents were Republican and I think even these two liars would be forced to admit that I am not.

My parents were card carrying members of the John Birch Society and I am not.

My parents were born again Christians and I am an agnostic. I'd be an atheist except for the fact that I cannot actually prove that a god does not exist even though I don't believe one does. Also it's very interesting to note that in those days racism and Christianity were totally compatible as most Christians that I knew were also racists, go figure.

So given all these things my parents were that I am not is it so difficult to believe that I am not nor ever have been a racist? In fact is it not likely that the reason I am not a racist is *because* my parents were and I rejected everything my parents believed and stood for?

And even if you don't believe it, I don't really care. I'm categorically stating here for the record that I am not now nor have I ever been a racist and anyone that says otherwise is a bald faced liar.

This is not the first time I've made these arguments. I made similar arguments in the initial thread where this was discussed. I repeated these arguments when Dr Guy made his first lying accusations and I repeat these arguments now in response to their continued lying.

So not only are these people lying, it's not just some accident nor is it unintentional, they know full well that they are lying and I will not tolerate it.

As far as I'm concerned they're free to lie about whatever else they want but if they persist in repeating the lie that I'm a racist I will not argue with them I will simply use the report function and let those in charge of these forums deal with it. I'm done with writing a treatise in response to their single sentence lies.

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