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August 24, 2012 by Mumblefratz
I recently noticed that my empire had a logo that was certainly not the one I had uploaded so I removed what was there and tried to upload my original logo. I couldn't get the upload to work although at least the offending logo was removed.

Could we get Bara to take a look and hopefully fix this so that I could upload a logo of my own choice?
April 29, 2012 by Mumblefratz
Last time I tried to post this it turned out we couldn't post. I guess I'll see if that's fixed or not.

Assuming that I can at least post the background (skin?) on the GC2 site is messed up. The background is missing and the About Us and other links at the top of the page are all squished together.
June 28, 2011 by Mumblefratz
This just started happening. It only happens on my old PC that's running XP Home and only while running IE8. FF is Ok on my old machine and IE8 is OK on my newer PC (which is running XP Pro 32bit).

I keep both machines updated and this has only been happinging for a couple of weeks. Prior to this I had no issue even on the old machine running IE8.

It's really not a big deal since I just ignore the message and click through to the website with no ill effects but I did...
May 13, 2011 by Mumblefratz
It seems that I'm no longer able to change the email address that's associated with my account.

There used to be a number of different ways to access your account information and based on the method of access there were different things you could do.

For example you used to be able to view and edit pretty much all your account information from within the Metaverse area (http://metaverse.galciv2.com/) under Account > Manage My Account, but while the pulldown menu entry is still i...
December 3, 2010 by Mumblefratz
Something was really funky earlier and I couldn't post or reply to posts.

Same with PM's couldn't compose new PM's or reply to old PM's. Still can't as of a few minutes ago.

When replying to a PM the previous text disappeared while entering any new text but when the PM was sent the old text reappeared but no no text was sent. This affected me but did not apparently affect others on the same forum (GalCiv2).

Also the default font was messed up and the spellchecker didn't work in both PM'...