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Something was really funky earlier and I couldn't post or reply to posts.

Same with PM's couldn't compose new PM's or reply to old PM's. Still can't as of a few minutes ago.

When replying to a PM the previous text disappeared while entering any new text but when the PM was sent the old text reappeared but no no text was sent. This affected me but did not apparently affect others on the same forum (GalCiv2).

Also the default font was messed up and the spellchecker didn't work in both PM's and regular posts. That has apparently cleared up at least in regular  posts.

Assuming of course I can actually post this. I'm giving it a 50/50 chance.

Bara help!

on Dec 03, 2010

The forums and such have been fixed.  If it not immediately working then give it some time as we need the DNS to propagate.


on Dec 03, 2010

just checking

on Dec 03, 2010

The PM system does now seem to be working, the crisis seems to be over.

What happened anyway, did all the code writing pigeons escape?

on Dec 03, 2010
Not pidgeons....I think someone forgot to feed the squirrels on the treadmill ....
on Dec 03, 2010

I was more than a little put out to say the least when i found out the post i had worked on for more than 20mins failed to post.

The whole thing ended up getting wiped out and for some reason my paste function was not working when i was trying to recreate my post.

I did finally get my post posted in a shorter form but it at least gets the point across.

LOL i was so paranoid i was "posting" every line or two just to make sure it was working.

on Feb 08, 2011

I still cannot post comments, though I can send pm's. -P

on Feb 13, 2011

Today, something has changed and am able to post comments.  Thank you, whomever was responsible.  -PeteCo

on Feb 22, 2011

Lost ability to post, again, as of last week.

on Feb 24, 2011

Lost ability to post, again, as of last week.

Nothing has changed on our end at either times that you have had problems. What browser are you using?


on Feb 24, 2011

Using Ghostery or AdBlock Plus?

on Feb 28, 2011

I am using FF and Ghostery. Yes.

on Feb 28, 2011

After your Ghostery inquiry, I looked at what was being blocked and SHARE THIS was one and when unblocked, it allowed post.  Thanks. -P

on Feb 28, 2011